FREE Backup Server
Kepra Solutions will provide each customer with their own Healthy Server thru Carroll-Net. Each night, customer backups are sent to their Healthy Server then transmitted to our Datacenter. If a customer needs to restore a file or even recover an entire server, all their data are immediately available on the Healthy Server. And if the customer is prohibited from accessing their office, they have access to all their data stored at our Datacenter. Healthy Server Flow
How it Works - The Three Ways Backup

Everyday, you'll get our trademarked "Three Way Backup"; Backup Onsite, Backup Offsite and Backup Archive. And Carroll-Net will make sure it works simply & reliably.

Cncop™ Block Level Backups

Healthy Servers are built on Carroll-Net's patent pending Cncop™ Technology (pronounced sink-up). It's a differencing engine that can perform an offsite backup sending only block level changes. This makes it possible to perform a FULL backup each night over over the customers Internet to the Carrol-Net Datacenter.

No software to install

Carroll-Net offers two backup options - Agent or Agentless backups. Most customer select Agentless because it's simple and requires no server resources. For those customer's with special needs (like backing up laptops) we offer agent. There's no charge for the Agent and customers can choose to mix and match both options.

Lo Jack® Theft Recovery

To protect the server from theft each Healthy Server is equipped with Lo Jack® Theft Recovery. If a server is ever stolen, Law Enforcement will track the thieves right to their hideout. The technology works, even if the thieves try to disassemble the server. And each server is equipped with a Logic Bomb™, which enables Carroll-Net to remotely erase custumer data from stolen equipment.

15 Years Experience

We've been providing Data protection solutions to business for 15years. We have the maturity and experience to recognize the quality and performance you expect in a partner, and deliver.

Clear and Simple Reports

We provide customers with simple, clear reports. At a glance, customer's see everything they need, and can easily understand how their storage is being use.

Automatic Server Health Monitoring

Healthy Servers perform regular checkups of your servers and network. If a problem is detected, an alarm is raised in the Carrol-Net Datacenter, and a engineer will call you to discuss and help resolve the situation. Customer's come to depend on us as an extension of their IT staff.

Daily virus Checkup

Each day the Healthy Scans backups for viruses. If detected, customers receive an email notification with the details. And it alerts Carroll-Net engineers to assist customers with the cleanup.

HIPAA Specialist

Failure to comply with HIPAA could mean the end of your business. Heavy fines, lost customers, bad press & lawsuits are possible penalties. The risk of non-complaince is too great - we've got you covered.