Server virtualization creates multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. Each virtual server has its own set of virtual hardware on which an operating system and application are loaded.

With virtualization, you can prioritize system resources and allocate them on the fly to the virtual servers that need them most at any given time – all based on business priorities. Virtualization doesn’t require managing virtual and physical resources separately; it promotes greater flexibility and consistency across your IT environment.

Your virtual server will be totally transparent to your users. We will setup everything for you and can also provide all the support for the server including all updates or teach your IT team how to manage it. The only thing you need to do is provide Internet access through a provider of your choice.


  • Manage costs
  • Optimize your IT infrastrcture
  • Reduce complexity and improve systems management
  • Dedicated or Shared server
  • Server Support

  • Remote Backup
  • Quick server provisioning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Fully managed or unmanaged services
  • Leverage our vast experience


  • Virtual Server Deployment, Upgrade, & Optimization.
  • Virtual Server Capacity Planning & Design.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Performance Management Solutions.


  • Physical Server Migration To Virtual Environments.
  • Leveraging Server Virtualization To Enhance Disaster Recovery.
  • Backup & Recovery Of Virtual Environments.