Our cloud based sector-level backup software backs up your organization’s whole Windows IT environment.

This solution provides your business with the services necessary to recover your Windows IT environment anytime and anywhere, and from a disaster of any size.

Our cloud based backup creates sector-level backup images of your server disk drives. A sector-level backup image is a point-in-time representation of your disk drive and therefore includes the operating system, applications, services, configuration settings, and data. Because your backup image contains everything on your server, when you need to recover its drive, you can do so in minutes rather than hours or days.

Our cloud based backup helps you meet your recovery objectives

As you well know, your servers and PC/Laptops are crucial to your firm’s everyday operations. Should one of them die, how would that affect your business? How much money could you lose in income and productivity per hour that a device is not functioning?

Your recovery time objective (RTO) is a calculation of how quickly business processes need to be restored and resumed after a disaster—your maximum allowable downtime after which the consequences become unacceptable. Reduce the gap between your RTO and your recovery time actual (RTA, the time it actually takes the IT team to get servers functioning), and that’s money in your company’s pocket.

Our cloud based service features flexible recovery options that help you meet (or beat) your RTO by reducing the time your systems and data are offline

Cloud Protect allows you to:

  • Rapidly access individual data files and folders.
  • Restore to the same or different hardware or a virtual environment in a matter of minutes.
  • Boot a backup image as a virtual machine (VM) for a quick, temporary fix.

Disaster Recovery